Semiautomatic SMD Taping Machine

Semiautomatic SMD Taping Machine

Product Description

Product Name:
Semiautomatic SMD Taping Machine

Detail Specifications

Manual feed (operated by two persons)

Adjustable speeds (UPH) freely adjusted at a range of 5-8k/hr

Width of packing tapes: 8mm-56mm (black or transparent tape)

Rail width adjustment range: 8mm-56mm

Sealing modes: reciprocative sealing, cold sealing, or hot sealing

Two independent sealing shoes, two temperature controllers, one counter, one load sensor, and one protrusion sensor

Optional: viewing system

Pneumatic source: 5!O1kg/cm2

Power: 220V; 50/60 Hz; single phase 1o

Net weight: approximately 38kg

Gross weight: approximately 75kg

Packing measurements: W 650 x L 1,200 x H 920 (mm)